Intensive Course on Shiite Studies

Plus Cultural Tour of Iran (optional)
May 31, 2020

Shiite Studies



7 Days

Cultural Tour

Summer School

Hikmat international institute as an independent educational institute is pleased to organize an international intensive academic course on Shi’i Studies in Qom which is the biggest center of Shi’i traditional studies in the world. In addition to the workshops there will also be friendly meetings and discussions with academics, religious leaders, scholars etc. (no time to get bored!)


About Shiism

Like all other major religions, Islam has been divided into several schools and denominations. The two main branches in Islam are Sunnism and Shi’ism. Sunni Muslims endorsed the historical caliphate, while Shi’i Muslims, supporters of ‘Ali, cousin and son in law of the Prophet and the fourth caliph, articulated their own distinctive doctrines. The Sunni-Shi’i schism is often framed as a dispute over the identity of the successor to Muhammad, whereas in reality, Sunni and Shi’i Muslims also differ on a number of seminal theological doctrines concerning the nature of God and legitimate political and religious authority.

Shiite Islam as the second largest group in Muslim world and as the largest religious community in several countries including Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon has gained the attention of scholars of religion and researches more than anytime in the history. The Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 and its huge national and international geopolitical outcomes was an important factor that caused many to realize the importance of having a deeper understanding of the religious undercurrents in the middle east in particular and in the world in general. Also, Shi’ism is known today as a distinctive and vibrant community of Muslims with a remarkable capacity for reinvention and adaptation, grounded in a unique theological interpretation of Islam.

Cultural Tour (optional) August 10 – 15
Arrival in Mashhad August 15
Course days August 16 – 22
Registration Deadline June 31
Early Bird Discount March 20

About the Course

The International Intensive Academic Course on Shi’i Studies by Hikmat International Institute is designed mainly for academics who are interested to learn more about Shiims and it will be held from August 1 to 16 2020.

The course will include discussions on the history, key doctrines, branches, rituals and practices, spiritual teachings as well as political thought of Shiite Islam. It will mainly focus on Twelver Shi’ism, to which the majority of Shi’is belong today.

English is the language of the instruction. Below you can find main topics that will be covered during the program.

Titles, lecturers and dates

Titles lecturers Dates
The origins and growth of Shiism August 16, 2020
Sources of Shi’i thought August 16, 2020
The doctrine of Imamate August 17, 2020
The twelve imams, life and history August 17, 2020
Doctrine of Mahdiism and occultation August 17, 2020
Shiite branches August 18, 2020
Shiite practices and rituals Rezazadeh August 18, 2020
Day Trip to Neyshabur August 19, 2020
Ethical teachings of Ahl-ul-Bayt August 20, 2020
Shiite religious authority, Ijtihad and Fatwa Rezazadeh August 20, 2020
Spirituality in Shiism August 21, 2020
Contemporary Shiism (two sessions) Dr. Sayed Sadeq Haqiqat
Dr. Mohammad Samiei
August 21, 2020
Major misunderstanding about Shiism August 22, 2020

Target group

Professors, researchers and university students in the field of religious studies, Islamic studies, political studies, history, regional studies and anyone else who is interested in the topic with a good command of English!

Accommodation and transportation

Accommodation will be in 4 star hotel near the course venue and is included in the price. Airport pick-up and drop-off, transportation to the course venue and all the other meetings and visits is also included.

Visa info

For information on visa issuance, please visit the dedicated page.

Cultural Tour of Iran


The course will be complemented with an amazing opportunity for the participants to enjoy a one-week tour of Iran and become more familiar with the history and beauty of the country. This also help the participants experience the culture and customs of people of the country and see how people practice their faith in their everyday lives. Participation in the tour is optional.

During the tour you will visit some of the Iran’s most important tourist attractions in several cities including Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran. You can find the detailed itinerary in the brochure.


Course only:

Course and cultural tour:

The Early Bird Discount is a US$ 100 discount reserved for participants who register before May 31, 2020

Course fee includes meals, accommodation, study materials, airport pick up and drop off, transportation, social meetings and events, welcome package and certificate of attendance.

*Cost does not include international airfare or visa fees.

* No payment is necessary upon registration. The cost can be paid to the organizers in person when you arrive in Iran.

The tour cost will cover all general expenses including:

Accommodations in 4 or 5 star hotels
Excursions and sightseeing (including all the entry tickets of the tourist spots and museums)

Airport pick-up and drop-off

In-country transportation

Three meals a day

Two Iranian guides


May 31, 2020
Registration Deadline
Early Bird Discount

February 29

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